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Fuel Oil Savings

Today's home heating oil prices are going up and up, so what can you do to combat the costs? It is a misconception that the oil companies have control over what they charge. The reality is, we do not. The costs are mandated by people much higher up then us. So how can we help you when we do not have control over the costs?

It's a necessity to have a properly working heating system for your home. Did you know if your home heating system isn't working correctly you can burn up to 50% more fuel then necessary?


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At Savway Fuel Oil, Inc. we not only provide you with the most affordable oil prices but we also provide you with top-notch service. Many of our automatic oil delivery clients have a service plan that offers..

  • Automatic Fill-Ups
  • Convenient Payment Plans Available
  • Service Agreements & Warranties
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In addition to cleaning and overall check-ups for your system to ensure it is operating efficiently, we offer warranties and guarantees on your new or existing heating equipment. We make sure you are completely satisfied with our heating oil and plumbing services.

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