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No Heat Check List

Should your furnace stop working, check the following before calling for service




Make sure the master burner switch is in the ON position.
Check the fuse boxes for blown fuses or circuit panel for tripped circuits. (Use only replacement fuses of the correct amperage.)
Check the oil tank gauge.
Make sure the tank valve is open.
Press the RELAY RESET button on the relay box (usually mounted on furnace wall, burner or smoke pipe). PRESS ONCE ONLY. DO NOT PRESS A SECOND TIME.
After resetting the relay, if you hear a "buzz" or "hum" from the burner, press the OVERLOAD button on the oil burner motor to start again


If none of this seems to work or you simply want a professional to come take a look, simply give us a call. If you're out of fuel oil, please call right now...
(631) 587-6562